Gerrie & Louise

Feature Documentary


Director/Producer:  Sturla Gunnarsson

Writers:  Steven Silver, Barry Stevens

Producer: David York

Cinematographer:  Kirk Tougas

Editor:  Manfred Becker

Score:  Jonathan Goldsmith

Gerrie & Louise

International Emmy Award  BEST FEATURE DOCUMENTARY

“The gripping account of a journey through delusion to enlightenment.” – Stanley Kauffmann, THE NEW REPUBLIC


Gerrie and Louise is the true story of politically star-crossed lovers. Gerrie was a colonel in the South African Defense Force, and Louise one of South Africa’s top investigative journalists working to expose government hit squads and the men who ran them – men like Gerrie. Realizing that apartheid was doomed and he himself had been betrayed, Gerrie used Louise to get his revenge and she used him to get a story. In the process they fell in love, an improbable relationship that illuminates the difficulties of truth and reconciliation.