Ice Soldiers


Sci Fi Action Adventure

Cast:  Domenic Purcell, Michael Ironside, Adam Beach

Directed by:  Sturla Gunnarsson

Written by:  Jonathan Tydor

Cinematographer:  Stephen Riezes

Editor:  Roger Mattiussi

Score:  Jonathan Goldsmith

Produced by:  Jeff Sackman, Michael Baker

Ice Soldiers

“Ice Soldiers is a gleefully preposterous B-movie, a sort of remake of The Thing (an unfriendly alien found in the Antarctic) but with a political subtext and more snowmobiles. “– Jay Stone,

At the height of the Cuban missile crisis, a team of Canadian troops in the Arctic discover three genetically modified Soviet soldiers with superhuman abilities. They keep them captive for examination but the soldiers break free and wreak havoc before disappearing into a snowstorm. Fifty years later, a team of Canadian military and scientists, including Dr. Malraux (Purcell) discover them buried beneath the Arctic ice…